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How to Ask God for Strength

How to ask God for Strength

Sometimes we have to pray for strength and support when we’re experiencing a tough day. These days may come without warning, impacting our health and wellbeing in many ways. They may even make us feel weak. However, God knows that we’re strong, and prayers for strength can remind us of this fact.


Compassion is an emotion that moves us to help others and ourselves. It is based on a deep sense of sympathy for another’s suffering and a strong desire to help the person. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of compassion, who healed people from physical suffering and showed his compassion for humanity by dying on the cross.

Compassionate God

When you pray, it is important to remember that God is compassionate. His compassion extends beyond our human limitations. He encourages us to reach out to others in love, prayer, peace, and steadfast love, for the sake of mercy. In the Bible, the word “compassion” has different meanings for Greek and Hebrew speakers. In this context, compassion means feeling pity and sympathy for others. The Bible describes God as compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in love. His compassion never fails.

The compassionate nature of God is illustrated in the Old Testament by the story of Elijah. He wears sackcloth and prays urgently to God. Despite the dire circumstances, God gives him a fresh meal and provision for the journey ahead. And even though his enemies have threatened him with death, God never rejects him.

During times of hardship, God is compassionate and moved by your tears. He is drawn to your greatest need, and He makes His strength perfect in your weakness. The more you are humble, the more compassion God will show for you. This compassion is God’s greatest gift to us.

A compassionate God surrounds you with His compassion. His compassion can turn feelings of helplessness and frustration into serene acceptance and hope in Him. When you are asking God for strength, remember Jesus’ tears for his afflicted friends and remember that God also weeps for you.

James 5:11 says that God was compassionate to Job. Despite his many trials, Job eventually received twice what he had before. Moreover, his friends and family were able to see his righteousness. He was rewarded by God for his patient perseverance. After all, Job is the son of God.

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